About Us

The Greater Derry Humane Society (GDHS) is an animal rescue that mainly serves southern NH. We not only transport dogs up from southern states, we give back to our community every single day. We try to answer every call, email or message we get from people needing assistance.

This year so far, we have returned over 800 phone messages, answered over a thousand emails, and have helped an unprecedented number of local families with re-homing their pet or taking in a stray that is visiting their yard. Your dollars help us pay for the medical bills for these animals.

GDHS has no paid staff, and is run solely by volunteers. Our main budget item is our Veterinary Fund that is constantly being depleted to cover medical costs for the animals in our care. We do not receive any town, city or government funds. Therefore, we depend on fundraising and on the generous donations from people like you.

Some of our routine costs include:

  • A complete physical for every animal rescued or surrendered. This can cost up to $250.
  • Updates on rabies vaccines and all other vaccinations, costing $25-$150.
  • The spaying or neutering of each animal before being available for adoption. Costs are $75-$150.
  • Dental cleaning or extractions when needed, which range from $200-$1200+.
  • Some animals have heartworm and if not severe will get treated which can become costly.
  • Heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative for all animals, costing $25 per month/per animal.
  • Additional medications and testing as needed for common disease such as diabetes, thyroid problems and others…costs can vary.
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